Thanks For Coming Out!

Thank you all very much for coming to our, “Sustainability Happy Hour” last Thursday. It was a great turnout, despite the rainy weather. We’d like to give a special thanks to Keith Bowers of Biohabitats who gave a brief presentation on sustainability as it pertains to Town Center. We’d also like to thank all the local bloggers who came. As you can see, we’ve added you all to our blogroll.

There’s been a lot of news about GGP lately. If you haven’t heard, they are considering selling off some of their properties. The good news is Columbia isn’t one of them. In fact, they are submitting their rezoning propposal this week, which is the culmination of 3 years worth of charettes, meetings, workshops, panels and plans. We are one step closer to fully realizing the future of Town Center.


About columbia2.0

Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

3 responses to “Thanks For Coming Out!”

  1. hecker says :

    Thanks for hosting this event. Note that I’ve started doing some Howard County-related blog posts at for anyone who’s interested.

  2. JessieX says :

    Thanks for taking the initiative, believing in what believe in and … oh, and for inviting me to participate, too! See you around town.

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