Thoughts on Last Week’s Event …..

Hi Folks.  We’re getting lots of feedback from last week’s event and need your help.  Our goal is to keep the presentations to a minimum, which didn’t really happen.  Even so, lots of you want more “information” about the plan delivered at the events.  So speak up and let us know.  We want to deliver what you want at these events!


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Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

One response to “Thoughts on Last Week’s Event …..”

  1. JessieX says :

    I believe that if you use social media before and after your event that you’ll be able to shorten the presentations significantly. Doing so will allow C20 to pre-publish info about the guest. Then people can just mingle and connect with “the guest.” Then if people are interested, they can follow up afterward: read their blog, connect on Facebook, comment on your blog. Et cetera.

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