Opponents get organized

We hear that the Coalition for Downtown, which is the opposition group in this fight to transform Town Center into the real city it was envisioned to be, is having a coming out party this week.  Since this group seems more appropriately named the Coalition to Slow Columbia Down, we’re not surprised they’ve lined up a couple of old Rouse guys to help them stop positive change.  So now they have a partnership between the guys who abandoned the Columbia vision 20 years ago and the community “leaders” who sat back and watched the place deteriorate.  It must take the thought of someone making money in their utopian backyard to get them interested again (of course, GGP has given the community 3 years of input and collaboration!).  Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear these folks belly-aching about too many residential units in downtown (so people can walk to everything), traffic (as if something exciting might actually be happening there), removing trees (they’re planting 15,000 new trees), etc.  It’s all right from the old anti-change playbook – just tactics to stop this process and let Town Center die.  With your help, we’re not about to let this vocal minority hijack our future. 


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Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

2 responses to “Opponents get organized”

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    You got that right!

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