The Crescent and Merriweather

Our second video explores the plans for the area surrounding Merriweather Post Pavillion. We’d love to hear your comments.


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5 responses to “The Crescent and Merriweather”

  1. Renee says :

    Very impressive video. However, highly unlikely to destruct an area surrounding Merriweather Post Pavilion with high rises, townhomes, etc. You call this “vacant space” however, it is extremely useful space. It differentiates Columbia’s amphitheater from competing venues. The parking is essential to the people that attend shows at Merriweather. When you build over the extra parking area, you take away the enjoyment and hassle-free experience when attending a show at Merriweather.

  2. columbia2 says :

    Renee, not sure what you mean by destruct the area with high-rises. But, if you’re advocating that the gravel parling lots at MPP remain as such, I strongly disagree. There is more than sufficient parking in the plan, even for concerts, as well as well-planned vehicle ingress/egress. It will be by far the easiest place to see a show in the region. Plus, most of us are looking for ways to make these areas attractive year round, not just sitting there empty except for 12 nights a year. These lots are also a major contributor to the poor environmental condition of the watershed and tributaries. I encourage you to drive around these parcels and imagine them becoming something creative and vibrant versus the waste of space they currently are.

  3. Renee says :

    If you can provide me with an area plan that will accommodate to 25,000 parking spaces that will soon be destructed if the expansion plans take place, I would love to hear your ideas. I highly doubt by increasing the population surrounding the mall with more homes, more people, more shops, will help an already vexatious parking situation.

    In addition, when building or constructing over land that you call “a waste of space” and claim that this grass lot is a major contributor to the poor environmental condition of watershed and tributaries, please educate yourself in the causes of pavement and artificial products on earth and soil. By building high rises on natural soil, you cause more damage to the watershed and tributaries than leaving the land alone and in it’s natural state. If you would like to reply with the Army Corps of Engineers and Sierra Club take on this matter, I would love to hear what they have to say regarding preserving Columbia’s natural land. And if you would like to drive around these vacant lots, you will see that they are not pavement. These areas are grass and vibrant when left alone.

    I would not agree that building condominiums that families can’t afford in Columbia, forcing these units to become apartments, and then ultimately leading to section 8 housing is something that will become creative and vibrant.

  4. columbia2 says :

    Renee, I learned long ago not to fight battles that can’t be won. I could show you all the facts, studies, etc. you’ve mentioned, including pointing out what of your stated facts are incorrect, but you’re not going to be convinced. You obviously believe you know more than world-class environemental consultants and city planners, so I’m certainly not going to convince you of anything. We’ll just need to disagree on the benefits of well-planned Smart Growth and how important such development is for Howard County.

  5. Bigbaldman says :

    All that other stuff aside, i must say…… Howard County’s Central Park!! That is some fantastic stuff, and an incredible 21st century use of under utilized space and facilities. If this plan is successful, Columbia will continue to be a nodel for community planning for throughput the whole world. Its just unfortunate that the current economic conditions make that such a large if…..

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