Ticket To Testify

Just a reminder about our Happy Hour event tonight from 5-7 at Zapatas in the Harpers Choice Village Center. We are ready for our voices to be heard! Hope to see you there!

This event made the news today. Check us out here.


About columbia2.0

Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

4 responses to “Ticket To Testify”

  1. wordbones says :

    Did the planning board accept the video testimony last night?

  2. Mac Cassity says :

    Hey Wordbones, Mac from Columbia 2.0 here…

    We’re still waiting to hear official word from the Board/County, but I know one thing…we will get the videos up here, youtube, facebook…so, the board WILL have the opportunity to see the videos for sure.


  3. Dave W says :

    Thanks for holding the event. While I could not attend the testimony afterwards due to another event, I enjoyed the Happy Hour and seeing so many people, especially young professionals, in attendance and involved in the public process and look forward to future events with Columbia 2.0.

  4. columbia2 says :

    Thanks for coming out Dave! It was great to have you there!


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