Status of Video Testimony, Planning Board

We did it. The Planning Board accepted the video testimony on DVD and some members of the Board stated that they’ve watched the testimony online. Hopefully it will help them see the faces and hear the words of folks who haven’t been able to attend the hearings.

Lots of people testified, including me and Kevin Link of Columbia 2.0. Others from our group are scheduled to testify at the next hearing, which will likely be the last before the Planning Board makes its recommendation to the County Council/Zoning Board. That’s scheduled for Thursday March 5 at 7:00. WE STILL WANT PEOPLE FROM OUR GROUP TO TESTIFY IN PERSON, SO LET US KNOW IF YOU’RE READY TO STEP IT UP LIKE KEVIN DID LAST WEEK! Unfortunately, I’ll be watching the Bushy Park Elementary performance of Annie, Jr. that night!

If you haven’t seen the video testimony OR the videos explaining the plan, they are all still posted below!


About columbia2.0

Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

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