Ethics Complaint Against Bobo

An ethics complaint has been flied against Del. Liz Bobo, an adamant critic of the downtown redevelopment plan, for using her state email to influence CA elections. So why do we care? CA has a strong voice with County officials and, as we have suspected for years, much of the CA leadership is in the tank for Bobo. Is CA’s opposition to the plan based on the best interests of its homeowners or is it merely the will of Bobo and her cronies. And why is killing the plan so important to het that she’s willing to risk her political career? Below are links to the complaint and public information request.


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3 responses to “Ethics Complaint Against Bobo”

  1. Jo Green says :

    Such negative language. Bobo is not adamantly against the plan. She has asked questions to make it better and to make sure it is in the best interests of the people.

  2. Jo Green says :

    Interesting that Mr. Malone complains about the very thing that Ms. Bobo did for him when he ran for CA board.

  3. columbia2 says :

    Thanks for your post Jo. I don’t know much about what Liz may have done for anyone else, but it’s always wrong. The rules exist for a reason and she violated them. Claiming to not know them is silly – she’s an attorney and she’s been an elected official for much of her adult life.

    Liz is incredibly manipulative and, even if all she has done in public is ask questions, she has an army of surrogates to do her dirty work. Many of these folks have gone on record with very negative comments about GGP, Greg Hamm and any county official who dares to support the plan.

    As for “best interests of the people” are we included in that definition of people? We support the renewal of Symphony Woods, high rise buildings, 5,500 (or more!) and new residential units; and we don’t care if they tear down the old Rouse building. While some folks disagree with these things, I’d suggest that Liz is trying to be sure it’s in the best interest of her and her people, not all the people.

    Seriously, thanks again for your comments. I wish more people were engaged and you’re welcome to comment here any time!

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