TV Presentation/Downtown Update

Before our update, we’re recommending some TV viewing to you. A few months ago the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a program by an author named Richard Florida, who presented some very compelling theories on the future of American cities. Specifically, he discussed what sectors of our economy will dominate the workforce over the next generations, how those people will choose where to work and live and how those trends will influence where businesses locate. We walked away even more convinced of the infinite economic opportunities that the new downtown will create for Howard County.

The presentation will be shown on GTV (Comcast 99, Verizon 44, not on DirecTV) as follows. Again, we encourage you to check it out, because it will help you understand why this downtown plan isn’t just about more restaurants and shops, but how it’s critical to the next generations of Howard Co.

• TONIGHT, June 15, 1:00pm
• Wednesday, June 17, 9:00am and 8:00pm
• Thursday, June 18, 11:00pm

As for the plan approval, the Planning Board must not share our urgency. We hear that a couple members of the Planning Board are still opposing the same old issues – residential density and Symphony Woods – which is why the plan/recommendations still haven’t been sent to the County Council for approval. We are concerned about this because time is of the essence. While we muddle through our fourth year of “discussion” other communities right in our back yard are in the ground creating places where people and businesses want to move. If we don’t see any movement in the next couple of weeks, we’ll be calling on all of you to helps us send a message to the Planning Board.


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