Step Down Russ

As you’ve probably heard by now, the same people who tried unsuccessfully to derail the process of passing the legislation to redevelop Downtown are trying to take the issue to referendum. This is annoying because the people of Columbia have spent over 5 years to bring this consensus plan forward. That it was passed by a unanimous vote is an indication of the depth of support it has throughout the community.

But what’s even more annoying is that this referendum drive is being lead by Russ Swatek who sits on CA’s Board of Directors. This is a huge conflict of interest, and C20 joins Jud Malone’s call for him to step down immediately. Using your position to further your own agenda is criminal and we won’t stand for it.

This initiative is a huge waste of time and we expect that the outcome of any ballot will produce the same result.


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2 responses to “Step Down Russ”

  1. phil engelke says :

    What i fail to understand is how the CA board continues to speak for Columbia’s future and act in very political ways without ever meeting with the community and asking us what we want. this is a homeowners association run amuck.
    Talk about taxation without representation.
    I think what we are seeing is the final showdown between the CA board and our elected county council as to who is our real government.
    I am siding with our elected county council, they are the only ones who are showing leadership and vision in this issue.

  2. ColumbiaWatcher says :

    The CA Board is elected by the people. No elected body meets with the people on every issue. That’s what we elected them for.

    In this case Swatek is not speaking for the CA Board. He is doing this as an individual. That is his right. He is making no money from any of this. There is no conflict of interest.

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