Liz Bobo: Unequivocal support of GGP’s Downtown Plan

We hear that Delegate Liz Bobo has been making the rounds of various labor leaders in Maryland citing her continued and full support of GGP’s plan to revitalize Downtown Columbia.  The unions’ support of the project is based on the thousand of jobs it will create, and Delegate Bobo is claiming a shared interest in that issue to solicit them for money to fend off challenger John Bailey.

When pressed, she seemed to admit that she had had “occasional concerns” about the Plan, but overall, had always given it her full support.  Huh?  That doesn’t seem quite right.  We seem to recall her relentless undermining of the process by which the Downtown Plan was approved, multiple reports that she hosted meetings in her own home with leaders of the group (TAG) that unsuccessfully attempted to take that approval to referendum, and her husband’s public call for the bills to be withdrawn.

Wonder what Russ Swatek, Alan Klein, Steve Meskin, and the rest of that group think about Liz’s unequivocal support of GGP’s Downtown Plan…


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9 responses to “Liz Bobo: Unequivocal support of GGP’s Downtown Plan”

  1. Anonymous says :

    the duo were in Bryant Woods leaving Phil Krish hand made signs a week or so ago. more of the same.

  2. Anonymous says :

    And this is why blogging is just so much hot air.

    If you had bothered to do a millisecond of “fact”-checking, you would have found out that that “we hear” was false.

    Liz Bobo has been telling labor leaders that she supports growth in Downtown Columbia, which is what she has been saying all along. She has also been saying that she does NOT support the GGP proposals or the bills that were passed by the county council.

    I think you need to get a life, Davey.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Yes! Yes! More of the same! The voters overwhelmingly returned Kirsch to office. What a vote of support for Columbia and what a blow to the so-called “Columbia 2.0” movement, which is really a move backwards.

  4. columbia2 says :

    Anon 8:23: 1. We stand by what we said, as written. 2. Assuming you are referring to David Yungmann, he is not a blog contributor.

  5. columbia2 says :

    Anon 12:34 Kirsch’s win this weekend was expected given that the Bobo contingent essentially led his campaign. That she could only muster a hundred more votes for him says more about her dwindling influence in Howard County than his ability to lead. If Wilde Lake would like another year as testing ground for “more of the same,” then so be it, but the reality is: the status quo doesn’t seem to be working out too well there.

  6. ColumbiaWatcher says :

    So if you’re not Davey, who are you?

    And you may stand by what you say, but you are wrong on all counts.

  7. DavidYungmann says :

    Maybe I should go with Davey on my license plate!

  8. columbia2 says :

    Hi Davey! I was just getting ready to explain to CoulmbiaWatcher that
    since you co-founded NCA last year, you have been doing other
    work within the confines of that group.

    ColumbiaWatcher, in a short two years, Columbia 2.0 has grown into a
    self-sustaining brand kept alive by a diverse group of multiple
    contributors who share a common bond: to see Columbia alive and
    kicking for our generation and beyond.

  9. Alice says :

    Time for new blood. Bobo=Old School…old ideas and ties to lord knows what. And Lloyd…maybe a comb-over of that rat tail would help.

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