Another year!!!

This past Wednesday, June 23rd, we held a birthday celebration for Columbia’s 43rd year at the lakefront by Clyde’s.  100 people came out despite an “Extreme Heat” advisory telling people to stay in!  It was a really great night of community coming together.  We had an unbelievable turnout of Columbia pioneers (residents and former Rouse employees), community activists, and, of course “Edna Turnblad” from Hairspray to lead us in the birthday song.

It meant a lot to all of us to have such a diverse and respected group of people there, coming together around a common goal for Columbia as a “New City” and a love for this very unique place.

SPOTTED: Tom O’Connor (Bring Back the Vision), Brian Dunn (Columbia 2.0), Sharonlee Vogel (Columbia Tomorrow), and Mike Davis (New City Alliance) spoke, as did David Barrett (chair of the Howard County Literature and Poetry Society) and Barbara Kellner (Columbia’s Archivist).  A bunch of Columbia pioneers came out – the Trotters, the Hess’, and the Barkers – and Jervis Lorton and John Slater of the former Rouse Company.  Also attending were Pearl Atkinson-Stewart (former member of CA Board of Directors), Barbara Lawson (former President and CEO of the Columbia Foundation), Pam Klahr (Exec. Director of Howard County Chamber of Commerce), Mickey Gomez (Exec. Director of Volunteer Center Serving Howard County).

HoCoMoJo posted this great video.

Speakers included Lin Eagan (New City Alliance), Sharonlee Vogel (Columbia Tomorrow), Brian Dunn (Columbia 2.0), Barbara Kellner (Archivist for Columbia), Tom O’Connor (Bring Back the Vision), and Mike Davis (New City Alliance), who called for Columbia to once again be a “model for the nation” as it moves ahead with redevelopment of downtown.

From left, Owen Brown Village Board member Pearl Atkinson-Stewart, Harper’s Choice resident Nesbitt Brown, husband of the late Maggie Brown, former head of the Columbia Association and a long time Columbia Birthday volunteer, and Howard County Council Vice Chair Mary Kay Sigaty. The birthday celebration was sponsored by Bring Back the Vision, Columbia 2.0, Columbia Tomorrow and New City Alliance.


About columbia2.0

Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

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