Symphony Woods: a difference in perspective

Last week I read with amusement the portrayal of Symphony Woods as “open-space parkland” in a letter to the editor in the Columbia Flier.  That description is a little far-fetched for a place that has become basically a walk-through to Merriweather and hosts one community event a year.  It may be open space, but it’s not a park.  A park implies people.  There are almost no people in Symphony Woods.  For most of the year, it’s neglected and it’s empty.  Take a look at the video (below) my sister and I made last year.  It says it all.

Brian Dunn


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Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

4 responses to “Symphony Woods: a difference in perspective”

  1. phil engelke says :

    great video, but you missed the broken picnic table. Have any of these people ever seen a real park?

  2. columbia2.0 says :

    Columbia is all about people! In that, the woods are not even close to fulfilling their potential.

  3. K says :

    Plan to turn it into a park is well underway. See the CA website.

  4. brian says :

    K, how did CA come up with their plan for SW? Specifically, was there any community input?

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