From the Horse’s Mouth

To the press, Delegate Liz Bobo has acknowledged the challenge from local teacher John Bailey, saying that she hasn’t campaigned this hard in years and isn’t taking anything for granted.

But in an e-mail sent Friday to an apparently bipartisan list (without an authority line, of course), she sounded more like the Liz we know:

As you are most likely aware, I have a challenger in this election.  John Bailey, who works in Montgomery County, switched from the Republican Party, for whom he served as Vice Chair in Howard County, and has filed against me in the Democratic primary.

It is very important that I take this challenge seriously, despite many saying that I couldn’t possibly lose. No election can be taken for granted, particularly in this tumultuous climate.

We aren’t saying she’s wrong or right.  We’re just saying the arrogance is stunning.

But, hey, she probably said the same thing back in 1990.


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2 responses to “From the Horse’s Mouth”

  1. Ronnie Koppelman says :

    My husband & I lived in Columbia for 32 years, 1973-2005. We are now living in the Atlanta area (my husband is teaching in a university here.) We consider ourselves second wave Columbia pioneers (we were mathematics teachers & our first priority was to find a good place to raise children, and find jobs second.) We came to Columbia because it was plnned to become an “Ideal” city at a time when the word diversity was not part of the description of American towns. During our years in Columbia I followed the positions that Liz Bobo has taken on many issues.
    As a representative in the Maryland State Legislature,Liz Bobo has been a strong and effective voice for what Columbia has stood for and continues to stand for. The fact that Money Magazine has rated Columbia as the #2 place for families to live in our country is substantially due to the hard work of the pioneers like Liz Bobo who has always wanted the best for Columbia, Howard County, and the state of Maryland.
    I hope that everyone will keep this in mind when considering plans for Columbia’s future. I hope that the broad knowledge & sense of history that Liz Bob brings to issues facing Columbia, Howard County & the state has earned your confidence.
    As educators we clearly understand the difference between representatives who only give lip service to support of education (as in Georgia) and those like Liz Bobo who actually vote in the state house to support education. Her actions have been part of the reason Howard County offers such an excellent education and why our children received such a terrific education in Columbia. If you value education you’ll vote for Liz Bobo. I support Liz Bobo in the coming elections and hope you will too.
    Ronnie Koppelman, M.Ed

  2. David Yungmann says :

    Can you provide an example of how Liz Bobo “has been a strong and effective voice for what Columbia has stood for and continues to stand for” while serving in the state legislature?

    Regarding education in Howard Co, Liz Bobo and her party take money from Howard Co taxpayers every year to prop up schools in other jurisdictions. The quality of our schools comes from the work of elected officials right here in Howard Co, the investments by Howard Co taxpayers and the commitment of us as parents not anything Liz Bobo does in the state legislature.

    As for the national ranking, Columbia in its current state wouldn’t make it on the radar screen without being attached to Ellicott City’s income and school performance.

    Many of the Liz Bobo supporters also want to replace the elected officials in Howard Co who are really responsible for these successes. Semms like they care more about their own power and influence than the community.

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