Tomorrow, Your Vote Decides Columbia’s Future

We have in our hands the opportunity to make our city – in our generation – the most livable, the most beautiful, and the most effective city in America.   – James Rouse

When elected officials do something good, they deserve re-election.  This Tuesday, our County Council must be re-elected.

In our view, the single most critical issue over the last few years has been the plan for the redevelopment Columbia’s downtown.  There are other important issues, but for many of us, the success or failure of downtown is emblematic of Columbia’s continued success – or its eventual failure.  And the results of that reverberate throughout Howard County.

Will the Columbia of our generation live up to the high hopes Jim Rouse had for it?  Or will it sink silently into lore now that its day has passed?

We don’t believe its day has passed!  And neither do the five members of our County Council. Earlier this year with the passage of the Downtown Plan, they unanimously voted a resounding “YES” to the future of Columbia and Howard County.  We applaud them for their faith in Columbia, for their vision and leadership.

Columbia 2.0 is proud to endorse Calvin Ball, Greg Fox, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jen Terrasa, and Courtney Watson for re-election to the Howard County Council. Columbia and Howard County owe them a debt of gratitude for making the whole community’s best interest their #1 priority, and for locking in a plan that embodies our core values.  The plan, born out of thousands of hours of work and including over 90 amendments, offers numerous arts and cultural opportunities, critical environmental restorations, and an innovative new self-funded full spectrum housing plan to make this opportunity available to everyone.

We specifically want to single out Mary Kay Sigaty for her hard work in leading the charge. She made no compromises.  She insisted on provisions for education and the arts, and – perhaps most important – made sure that the delivery of all these community benefits is enforceable by law.

Mary Kay has been endorsed by the Howard County Education Association, Howard County Professional Firefighters Association, Howard County Police Officers Association, AFL-CIO Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Columbia Democratic Club, and the Western Howard County Democratic Club.  She was endorsed TWICE by African Americans in Howard County.   She was also endorsed by County Executive Ken Ulman, Senator Jim Robey, Delegate Guy Guzzone, Delegate Shane Pendergrass, Delegate Frank Turner, the Columbia Flier, Howard County Times, and numerous local bloggers.

We add our endorsement to that long list along with a big “Thank You” to Mary Kay for all that she has done to make sure the next generation isn’t the last generation in Columbia.

In 2010, our County Council voted YES to our future.  On Tuesday, September 14th, vote YES to our County Council.


About columbia2.0

Columbia 2.0 is a thriving grass-roots organization whose mission is to support the Next Generation of Columbia Town Center.

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