Election Reflections: a little, tiny update

The primary is over.  No, we do not want to get into this again.  But we just noticed a comment on the site that was posted a while back, and felt compelled to respond, as we wouldn’t want our lack of response to be misconstrued as conceding the point.

A reader drew a comparison between Alan Klein’s run against Councilwoman Mary Kay Sigaty and John Bailey’s challenge of Delegate Liz Bobo.  Such a comparison might seem valid to only the most casual, uninformed reader.  Anyone who has followed local politics for any length of time knows there is no comparison between these two candidates.

Alan Klein’s campaign was backed (and arguably created) by Liz Bobo, an entrenched and experienced politician, who created a slate with him so she could provide financial as well as tactical and political assistance, and get him ink.

John Bailey not only went out on his own with no help from the machine – financial or otherwise – but he actually started from scratch by switching parties just so he could run. This guy literally just started knocking on doors. And, unlike Klein, he didn’t have the money to do much – like mailers against his opponent that were full of lies, exaggerations, and hyperbole. But I digress. :)

We could expand on this almost infinitely in any number of ways, but suffice it to say: there is no comparison between these two candidates.

That said, we don’t want to discourage that reader or anyone else from engaging on our site.  The debate is what makes it fun!


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