Talking Culture

Last night I attended a focus group at Union Jack’s with other young professionals about the role culture will play as downtown is redeveloped. It was a loose, laid back, candid conversation about where we are and where we want to be. There were lots of great ideas floated, and it is good to know that such an emphasis will be placed on this as things heat up. Here are some highlights of the evening, featuring Dave Bittner, Trevor Greene and Tim Singleton:

– Brian Dunn


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3 responses to “Talking Culture”

  1. Matt says :

    Do you find those YPN events to be of value? I’d love to go but they always seem to be on wednesdays and I have another weekly evening commitment. Maybe one of these days…

  2. columbia2.0 says :

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for dropping by. I have always found the YPN events I’ve attended valuable. It’s a great way to meet people in the business community, and that can only help if you’re looking to gain new clients, increase sales, etc. I agree it’s tough to do on week nights, but I’d suggest giving it a try if you have the time!

    -Brian Dunn

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