The Evolution of the HoCo BlogTale Party

Jessie Newburn rocks. Our local social networking maven has created a bona fide phenomenon with her HoCo BlogTale Parties.

The first one I went to was about 3 years ago, and I was one of about 7 or 8 people there including Bill Santos, Frank Hecker, Bill Woodcock and Catherine Busch. It was cool to know that there was a whole community of bloggers right here in Howard County.

After that, I would get an invitation every so often from Jessie to another HoCo BlogTale Party. I went to some, and missed others. I even hosted one with her back in September of ’09. Each time, I had great experiences getting to know more and more people. People like Chris Bachman, ThursdayB and Mike Morucci. All really nice, cool people that I otherwise never would have met.

With each BlogTale Party that came and went, Jessie would preach the importance of using different social networking sites to help promote the event. And slowly but surely more and more people would show up. Last night, there must’ve been 40 people at the Second Chance Saloon in the Oakland Mills Village Center. Yes, it’s safe to say that Jessie’s BlogTale Parties are all grown up!

I also got a chance to meet The Columbia Flier reporters, Kellie Woodhouse and Lindsey McPherson. It was a little awkward especially in light of a recent blog post, where I said, “It’s time our local paper starts reporting the truth.” But, hey, it’s all in good fun. They both are very cool young women, and overall, I think they’re doing a good job. It was just another connection made at the ever growing HoCo BlogTale Party!

-Brian Dunn



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3 responses to “The Evolution of the HoCo BlogTale Party”

  1. jessiex says :

    Brian, Thanks for being a part of the local blogging community from back in the day, for your stepping forth and co-hosting a party, and for your kind words and great write-up about the blogger party at Second Chance Saloon. It’s been fun seeing you, your wife and your super-cute daughter at the Columbia lakefront Monday movies last summer. I have high hopes that with a bit of twitter, facebook, blogging and good ol’ fashion conversation, we can magnetize more bloggers/social media enthusiasts and their families to sit near each other at the outdoor movies and enjoy some old-school Columbia fun.

  2. columbia2.0 says :

    Thanks Jessie! It’s really cool to be part of this community. Under your guidance, it’s reaching the masses!


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