Huge Week Ahead

There is so much going on this week, I don’t even know where to start. Tomorrow, there’s a Blogtale Party at Stanford Grill to celebrate two noteworthy milestones: First, Wordbones/Tales of Two Cities is celebrating his fifth year as a blogger; second, the hyper-local podcast show And Then There’s That … is marking its 50th episode. The show will be recorded during the party and, after the scheduled guests have been interviewed, show hosts Dennis Lane and Paul Skalny will move about, microphone in hand, interviewing people. It should be pretty cool, and if you haven’t attended one of these parties, I encourage you to check it out. I’ll definitely be there!

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, CA is hosting their Aquatics Master Plan meetings. Tuesday’s meeting is at Slayton House and Wednesday’s is at the Owen Brown Community Center. If you want a say in the future of one of Columbia’s best amenities, you should attend one of these meetings. Both meetings will start at 7:00pm and will have the same content. Registration is recommended, but not required. For more info on the master plan process, you can contact Scott Templin at 410-715-3166

And what better way to wind down a busy week with some great food, cold drinks and live music this Saturday night at the Second Chance Saloon? New York City’s hottest new band, Kassini is having their CD release party there. The cover is only $5 and with that, you will receive a FREE digital download of their debut full length album, “Immune”. Oh, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale drafts are only $2! I hope to see some of you there!

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect from Kassini:



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One response to “Huge Week Ahead”

  1. JessieX says :

    Hi Brian, Thanks for the shout-out about the blogger party on Monday night. It’s a family-friendly event. Perhaps I’ll see you there with Michelle and Brianna, too. :-)

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