Bigotry Trumps Civility

Last Thursday night, I attended the Zoning Pre-Submission Hearing conducted by the Howard Hughes Corporation. After their presentation, they opened the floor to questions and comments. At one point, Joel Broida, one of the more vocal opponents of the redevelopment grabbed the mic and made a comment that literally left my mouth open wide.

Here’s his quote from The Columbia Patch article: “Renters don’t have pride in the community,” he said. “They aren’t the ones to pick up that piece of paper someone dropped.”

Instead of commenting on just how wrong I believe his statement to be, I will instead ask you to read this post by Bill Santos over at Columbia Compass. He sums it up more succinctly that I could ever hope to.

However, I would like to add one thing. It is obvious that Mr. Broida is so against change that he would violate core values of inclusion and diversity we hold dear here in Columbia, just for the sake of complaining. And that’s just sad.




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3 responses to “Bigotry Trumps Civility”

  1. b.santos says :


    Thanks for your voice on this issue. And thank you for the shout-out.

  2. columbia2.0 says :

    You are most welcome, Bill. However it is I that should thank you for your blog post. It is right on the money! People fear change, and unfortunately sometimes it leads them to say incredibly ignorant things. Way to hold them accountable!


  3. Deirdre Mary McElroy says :

    I have been renting in Columbia for 3 years. It is a choice as I can easily afford to buy. I prefer to spend the money on international travel, stay cations, charity and to invest rigorously in socially responsible companies. I have upgraded my apartment and environment and have met terrific and civic-minded neighbors. The comment is just stupid and myopic.

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