Getting it Done for the Port

With the widening of the Panama Canal scheduled to be completed in 2015, it’s great to hear Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake advancing the city to take full advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

President of MTC Logistics, Harry Halpert, has coined the phrase “Global SeaPort” when describing the unique position of the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore in the international maritime community:

Ensuring that Maryland can join this National Gateway project includes moving forward on a key construction project: the development of a “Baltimore-Washington Rail Intermodal Facility” somewhere along the rail corridor between Baltimore and Washington. The new intermodal facility would allow containers to and from ships in the port to be transported to this location and quickly transferred to double-stacked trains, connecting our state to a wide array of new markets in an efficient manner. (Cargo transfer facility well worth state’s investment, Baltimore Sun by Harry Halpert.)

The “Global SeaPort” is a gem for any politician to strengthen and tout. You noticed how every GOP presidential candidate claimed to be the biggest supporter of expanding the Port of Charleston during the GOP primaries in South Carolina. Governor O’Malley certainly underscored the power of the port and its expansion in this ad during his last race for governor.

If Mayor Rawlings-Blake can speed up the process, make the port more immediately competitive and put an old industrial site back to work in this economy, people all around Maryland will see this no nonsense, impatient-for-results leadership as exactly the kind of character that port union Democrats, chamber of commerce Republicans and practical Independent voters want in an elected official- whether a local or a statewide candidate.




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