About Us

Columbia 2.0 is a diverse group with a common goal: keeping Columbia, Maryland alive and thriving for the generations to come.  We started out as a “young” people’s organization, but we now count as members folks of all ages, from all over Howard County AND many who have moved away, but continue to stay interested in what’s going on in their hometown.

It is our hope that those who are here now and those who have left will be attracted to Columbia in the long term because of its vitality, the opportunities it offers, and the very unique community it is.

In our view, the redevelopment of Downtown Columbia is the most critical issue that faces us currently.  Over the last five years, we’ve testified and spoken to our neighbors and elected officials to help craft a plan – a plan that brings Jim Rouse’s dream of the “antidote to sprawl” to life, and fulfills his four original goals for the city he imagined and built.

Now, we’re ready to see shovels in the ground.


13 responses to “About Us”

  1. Mona says :

    Do you have a membership list posted like the coalition for columbia’s downtown?

  2. columbia2 says :

    Hi Mona,

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your inquiry! At this time, we don’t have any plans to list our members. But we are in the planning stages for our next event, so please check back often to get the details. And if you can make it, we’d love to meet you!


  3. Nicola says :

    Hi Columbia 2.0,
    How can I get in touch with you guys? I am seriously interested in becoming an active member and supporting the town center plans. But I just can´t seem to find any contact info on this website. Please let me know how to contact you.

    • columbia2 says :

      Hi Nicola-

      Just send me your email address and we’ll add you to the list. We have an event coming up in January that hasn’t been finalized yet.


  4. Nicola says :

    Hi David,
    which address can I send my email address to? I don´t feel comfortable putting it up here where everyone can see it. I have already signed up for the newsletter, so maybe you can find my address in that list.

  5. Josh says :

    Hi. I would really like to get involved with this group, but don’t know who to send an inquiry to. After growing up in a vibrant and leading edge Columbia, and spending college and early adulthood in various locales, I convinced my wife to move to Howard County to begin our family. Being away brings perspective, and the sorry realization that Columbia is at a tipping point, that if not corrected soon will lead to Columbia being ill equipped to deal with the challenges of changing demographics, environment, and culture. Columbia is dying and needs an infusion of energy.

    I have many ideas, and am in politics professionally, and would love to help expand your group into a true cross-cutting coalition.



    • columbia2 says :

      Hi Josh,

      We’ve had some technical issues with the website, so I am sorry we haven’t gotten back to you sooner. We are planning our next event right now, and should post something about it early next week. We’d love to have you participate, so please check back often.


  6. AdumuhRam says :

    Engaging info.. i will visit again:)

    • columbia2 says :

      Great! Thanks for checking us out! Please check back soon for news about our latest project, which we’re planning now.

  7. JessieX says :

    Hmm. Not that I’ve got the technical bits down to a Tee, but you might want to have a “subscribe to this blog” / rss/ or email notification system set up. Looks like a number of people are wanting to align with you and your work. #justanidea

  8. columbia2.0 says :

    Jessie, thanks for the idea – we’ve incorporated the RSS feed button into our new design!

  9. Anonymous says :

    Signing up

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